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Redfern is an inner southern suburb of Sydney. With its budding café and pub scene, Redfern is a changing suburb. While remnants of its former life remain, the area is alive with new dining, shopping, and socializing opportunities.


If you’re looking for real estate in Redfern, a buyers agent can help you secure the property you want in this highly competitive market. With so few houses for sale in Redfern, having an agent will give you an edge over other buyers.

What's So Special About Redfern Houses? Suburb Profile & Property Market Trends

Situated 3 km south of Sydney’s Central Business District, Redfern is an inner-city suburb that has been transformed by gentrification. Nevertheless, the suburb offers an eclectic mix of residents and has a quirky charm that is attracting buyers.


The high walkability and easy access to public transport make Redfern an attractive location. While noise, crime and traffic are still a concern, Redfern has a lot to offer to professionals. This is a suburb that is in the midst of a transformation, and for many, its quirks are its most attractive quality.


Wandering through the suburb, you’ll find many quaint, tree-covered streets that burst with colour in the colder months.

What Shops, Supermarkets, Cafes and Restaurants Are in Redfern, Sydney?

Redfern has a growing café and pub scene. Bourke Street, which runs from Surry Hills through Redfern, is home to many excellent cafes. The main shopping strip runs along Redfern Street, which is east of the railway station.


Central Redfern also has a burgeoning restaurant and pub scene. It’s also home to several large-scale pubs, including regent, Norfolk, Woolpack and Bat & Ball.


Supermarkets are within easy reach, including Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and IGA. You’ll also find small-scale boutiques and shops nestled between terraced apartments.

Where Are the Nearest Parks?

Redfern Suburb Map

Despite all the traffic and noise, Redfern is home to several lovely parks, including:


  • Redfern Park, with plenty of open green spaces, fountains and statues.
  • Gibbons Street Reserve, which is a smaller park, but still offers a place to rest and relax.
  • Reconciliation Park, which is another small park with a play area.
  • Moore Park Mews Dog Park, which offers off-leash dog areas and other green spaces to relax.

Redfern is also very cycle-friendly, with dedicated bike lanes throughout the suburb.


Prince Alfred Park is just a short distance from Redfern. This large park has tennis courts, a heated pool and a café.

Local Schools, Kids Clubs and Education

There are several schools located in Redfern and neighbouring suburbs, including:


  • Redfern Jarjum College
  • Inner Sydney High School
  • The Key College (high school)
  • Bourke Street Public School (primary school)
  • Counterpoints Poets Corner Pre-School
  • Forever Green Montessori Child Care
  • Our Lady of Mt Carmel Catholic Primary
  • Darlington Public School
  • Sydney Girls High School
  • Sydney Boys High School

There are also a few kids clubs, including:


  • Kids Club Child Care Elizabeth Street Centre
  • PCYC South Sydney

Distance To Nearest Suburbs

Redfern is conveniently located near many popular Sydney suburbs, including:


What Are the Prices Like for Real Estate in Redfern 2016?

Real Estate in Redfern

The Redfern median house price is $1.6 million. For 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom homes, buyers can expect to pay around:


  • $1.3 million for a 2-bedroom
  • $1.8 million for a 3-bedroom
  • $2.7 million for a 4-bedroom

Units are more affordable, with the median price around $950,000. For example, a 1-bedroom unit costs about $692,000, while a 3-bedroom will run you about $1.2 million.


Since 2012, real estate prices in Redfern have been steadily rising, thanks primarily to the gentrification of the suburb. Today, it’s a high demand market, and prices are similar to Surry Hills.

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Reasons to Hire a Buyer's Agent in Redfern, NSW

Whether you’re in the market for residential or commercial property in Redfern, it pays to have a buyers agent on your side. An agent will:


  • Find properties in Redfern that meet your needs
  • Negotiate prices to get you the lowest possible price
  • Handle inspections
  • Provide access to unlisted or pre-market properties

Redfern is a high-demand market, and many buyers are vying for the same properties. A buyers agent will give you an advantage and make the entire process as stress-free as possible.

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