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Paddington is an upscale Eastern Suburb of Sydney. Its postcard perfect terraces and village vibe make it one of the darlings of the East and in hot demand. If there’s one area you should deploy the services of an experienced local buyers agent, Paddington is that suburb.

What Makes Paddington So Special?

Paddington was originally a collection of cottages housing those construction workers from the Barracks. Much later it became quite bohemian with the establishment of an art school in the area and has been home to many famous artists. The architectural and cultural interests of Paddington have been preserved by The Paddington Society- a group of locals committed to preserving the village feel and heritage character of the area. Many of the federation era terraces pubs and historic buildings in the area have been meticulously restored to great effect.

There is a sense of discovery and exclusivity as you stroll down laneways and meandering tree lined streets, hopping between cafes, delis wine bars, art galleries cinemas, boutique shopping and more. It really does offer the very best of Sydney lifestyle and should you ask any local real estate agent Paddington will top their short list as the most prized and tightly held property in Sydney.

Why Should You Use a Buyer's Agent to Buy in Paddington?

There are several reasons why it’s essential to use a local specialist buyer’s agent for your Paddington search and purchase. Paddington real estate agents leverage their network of local buyers and buyers agents first, often selling without even going to market.

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But not all homes in Paddington make for good purchasing. The suburb, built on a limestone ridge has quite a number of pockets prone to groundwater, flooding and damp as rainwater drains from high points on Oxford St down to Rushcutters Bay. A Buyers Agent Paddington local specialist will guide you to purchase on the right side of the best street and avoid expensive problems and headaches in the future.

Dan Sofo

Dan Sofo — Your Buyers Agent in Paddington

I know what it’s like out there.


Paddington is a desirable place to live and invest. It’s no surprise the Paddington property market is so competitive.


Demand is so high many properties for sale aren’t even advertised, and those that are, are sold to the highest bidder at auction.


It doesn’t help that sellers are represented by industry professionals, skilled at extracting the highest price from inexperienced buyers who don’t realise they too have the option of expert guidance too.


My name is Dan Sofo and I’m here to change the status quo.


As a Paddington local buyer’s agent my passion is to bring my industry expertise, agent relationships. market knowledge and negotiating power to give you the upper hand in your property search and purchase.


I’ve faced and conquered all of the challenges of purchasing property in Sydney – multiple times for myself, and many times more in my three years working for my clients.


Unicorn Buyer’s Agents is an agency of one. There are no associates, no juniors.


When you hire me, you get me, committed exclusively to your brief and working relentlessly until the keys to your dream home are in your hands. If that sounds a little close up and personal, you’re right- it is. But my energy will deliver you a result you’ll be delighted with.

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