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Get the upper hand on auction day. 

We know the rules, we know the games and we know how to win.

How our auction bidding service works

Why hire me to bid at auction for you? 


Well, an auction is a high pressure environment where it’s easy to get emotional. When you work with me, you’ll set your bidding limits before the auction, and I’ll stick to them so you don’t end up paying too much.



Buying at auction also means buying for the lowest price possible. I’ve seen all the clever tricks that auctioneers use to get higher bids, and I have the battle proven strategies to control the pace by bidding the right amounts at the right time.



I’m also there to look after you if the property gets passed in and moves to the back room for negotiation.



I’ve saved clients thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars and I’d love to help you. Please get in touch to find out more.


Thanks Dan for helping find and secure the perfect home for our family! It was amazing being able to enjoy our weekends, knowing Dan was scouting places on our behalf and would arrange for us to see any which he thought met our needs. He also handled pre auction negotiations expertly to secure the property despite tight competition.
Cameron Rabbett
We engaged Dan through a recommendation from a friend to bid at a critical Auction for us as we were nearing the end of our pre-approval period and risking a significant reduction in borrowing capacity. In our particular case, we were lucky that the bidding was focused around our level of affordability but I am confident that Dan's approach kept the bids as low as possible while securing us our property. He was extremely thorough in his research to support the process - both in deciding to take on the job and to inform our expectations so we can set bidding limits that we were comfortable represented the true value of the property to us. We've been in our new family home for a week now and couldn't be happier to be here, for the price we paid. Thank you Dan for heling to make it happen!
Kellie Adlam
We engaged Dan to help us find a family home. He was very professional, was always engaging and did a great job dealing with the agents. He was extremely poker faced during the auction, which helped us land a house that we are extremely happy with. He was definitely worth the investment.
Guy Gunasekera

Auction Bidding Service Areas

As an independent buyers agency, we offer a personalised property buying service in Sydney’s Eastern SuburbsSydney City, Inner West and North Shore. We search and purchase in blue chip and emerging blue chip Sydney suburbs and we are meticulous in our research with a  ‘boots on the ground’ approach to validate each and every purchase. 

Eastern Suburbs real estate is sought after by local, interstate and international homebuyers and investors. Eastern Suburbs real estate is sought after by local, interstate and international homebuyers and investors. 

Sydney’s Inner West is a sprawl of villages within villages and could be described as the organic alt sibling to Sydney’s East and North with an emphasis on craft, creativity and community mindedness.

The North Shore features many beautiful homes but often without the ostentatiousness of the East. We find a substantial number of properties trade quietly off-market and credibility and local relationships are required to have visibility across the everything that might be available to purchase.

We have experienced a renewed interest in the Sydney city fringe life from clients and are always buying for singles, couples, young families, and older downsizers looking to return from the suburbs and rejoin the action.

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We know the rules, we know the games and we know how to win.



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