Buyers Agent Fees and Commission percentage

How much does it cost to hire me to help you find and buy the perfect property?

What is a Buyer's Agent commission?

It is common practice for most buyer’s agents to charge for service as a real estate sales agent does. That is to charge a percentage of the sale price. A listing agents commission percentage is generally 1.75% to 2.5% of the final sale price, often with some additional bonus payments negotiated based on performance.

This pricing method can make sense if you’re selling a home, because the sales agent only makes more commission if they fetch a higher price for your property. This method however, may not make sense for you as a buyer as you’re effectively paying more commission to your buyers agent, the more you pay for your property.

Under this structure the more you, the buyer end up paying for the property the more you pay in buyers agent fees, and your buyer’s agents final fee is an unknown until the property sales contract is exchanged.

Now while our work involves negotiating the lowest possible price for your new home or investment, we also play a much broader role. We also bring transparency and certainty to the transaction, by keeping you informed and knowledgeable, with accurate information, and we like ensure the whole process is as stress free as possible. That’s why we lock in a fixed fee upfront.

How is Unicorn Buyer's Agents fee calculated?

We’ve developed a better, fairer fee structure so that when we work for you the exact fee has been agreed in advance and there are no surprises.

We offer all of our clients a fixed fee- pre agreed and locked in when you sign on with us. Our fees are competitive and reflect the complexity of the search and as a general guide are as follows.

For our premium option one ‘done for you’ service as a guide the fixed fee will be between 1.3% and 2% of the purchase price for residential property and 1.9% – 2.5% for commercial property.

For our option two service where you find the property and we appraise it and negotiate the purchase our fees start from $6,000 and include up to three property assessments.

If you’d like us to bid for you at auction  we charge a flat fee of $750. If we don’t win the auction for you we’ll attend a second auction for you free of charge.

To commence work we ask for a modest upfront engagement fee with the balance, only being payable when we successfully purchase your property and the contract goes unconditional.

What Our Buyers Agents Fees Include?

We have three distinct services on offer. Our most popular option is our full service ‘search, appraise, negotiate’ option and our buyers agent fee includes an uncapped level of work required- until we buy your property. We dig deep to uncover the very best on and off-market properties, and conduct thorough due diligence via our proprietary property reports to ensure there are no hidden surprises. We do detailed comparable sale reports to ensure you are paying the right price. We co-ordinate building and inspectors, surveyors  engineers, heritage architects, and other specialists as required. We negotiate with the vendor or attend auction if necessary. We also assist with the details all the way to settlement, co-ordinating lender, conveyancer, trades and more, to ensure the transition over your new property is seamless.

We over deliver on service for our ‘appraise negotiate’ option two also. We’ll advise you on the likelihood of securing your target property before commencing work for you, saving you time and money. Your success is our success and we want to get it right – the first time.

Buyer Guarantee

Unicorn Buyer’s Agents is the only buyers agency in Australia to offer a Buyer Guarantee. We are so confident we will find you a property that meets your brief and ticks your boxes, that we are offering a money back guarantee on your engagement fee if we dont. This means there is zero risk for you in choosing Unicorn Buyers Agents to work for you so you can proceed to hire us with confidence.

Ready to take the next step?  Please get in touch with us and we’ll schedule in a short discovery call, at no cost with no strings attached.  We’d love to hear about your property aspirations and can then assess if we are in a position to help you. You can get in touch via the form below.