Whether you’re an investor, a first home buyer, or looking to purchase your ‘happily ever after’ home, we have a service to suit you.


Search, Appraise, Negotiate

Appraise and negotiate - Dan Sofo Unicorn Buyers Agency
Our Search, Appraise, Negotiate option is our complete property buying service. How it works:

✓ We commence with a detailed brief to understand your needs, then reach out to our vast network of agents and owners to uncover opportunities that match.


✓ We shortlist and present the best on and off-market opportunities properties available in your search zones- sent direct to your phone.


✓ Every shortlisted option accompanied by video walkthroughs and a detailed report, so you can purchase with confidence. 


✓  We negotiate to the lowest price and best terms leveraging industry intel and proven strategies. 


✓  There is no limit on time or options presented. We will keep searching and presenting opportunities  until we buy you ‘the one’.


✓  Fee for service is between .9% and 2% of purchase price, depending on your brief. We also offer a fixed fee option. 


To confirm we’re in a position to help you and receive a firm quote on fee, please book in a call via the button below. 


Property Negotiation

If you enjoy house-hunting or have already identified one or more properties that you like then our Property Negotiation service may suit you. How it works:

✓ Have a property professional at your fingertips and on call.


✓ Show us properties you like- we do the rest.


✓ No more time wasted on substandard or out of budget options


✓  Get expert research and detailed property reporting


✓  We negotiate to the lowest price and best terms leveraging industry intel and proven strategies. 


✓  Buy better buy faster- beat the rising market


✓  Outstanding value. Fee for service is between .4% and 1% of purchase price depending on your brief. We also offer a fixed fee option. 


To confirm we’re in a position to help you and receive a firm quote on fee, please book in a call via the button below. 


Bid at Auction

Get the upper hand on auction day. We know the rules, we know the games and we know how to win. How it works:

✓  Before agreeing to bid on your behalf we establish the likely sale price range of the property you want to buy


✓  If your budget is unlikely to win the auction we will not accept your booking


✓ Our fixed fee includes post auction negotiation if the property is passed in.


✓ If unsuccessful we will apply your paid fee as credit toward our Property Negotiation or Search Appraise Negotiate services.


To confirm we are willing to accept your auction attendance booking and to receive a fee quote, please book in a call via the button below. 


Choose A Sales Agent To Sell Your Property

(Vendor Advocacy)

The right sales agent with the best campaign strategy will deliver you the highest sales price but knowing who and what that is can be tricky. We can help you choose. How it works:

✓  We research and shortlist several high performing agents and co-ordinate them to appraise your property


✓  We review and summarise each agents pitch and approach to sell your home, review the pros and cons and make recommendations


✓ You award the agency to the agent based on merit


✓ We assist by reviewing agent terms, commissions, and marketing costs to ensure the agreement you are entering into is most favourable to you. 


✓ This service is free to you. We are paid the standard agent referral fee from the agent that you select. 


If you’d like to learn more, please book in a call via the button below. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying and selling real estate can be complicated. That’s where buyers agents and real estate agents come in.


A real estate agent is a professional who sells properties. Who does a real estate agent represent? The seller. Real estate agents are paid through commission from either the seller or the vendor.


A buyers agent, as you may have guessed, represents the buyer. They act in the buyer’s best interest and help them through the process of securing the property they want.



Buyer’s agents generally charge for service like a real estate sales agent ie, a percentage commission. This can make sense if you’re selling a property as the sales agent is incentivised to achieve a higher sales price. This method can make less sense for buyers – paying more commission to your buyers agent the more you pay for your property. In a hotter market such as during 2020- 2021, Unicorn Buyers Agents are often locked in fixed fees, to protect our clients.


This year in a neutral to cooling market as property prices go lower, a percentage-based fee can make sense as buyers may get a pleasant surprise with a lower than expected commission. For maximum flexibility and transparency, we always offer clients the choice to lock in a fixed fee or to hire us on a percentage-based fee.  



Anyone who has spent time house-hunting will be familiar with the term ‘off-market’ property. Buyers agents love to communicate their proficiency accessing off-market properties, and for good reason. A prospective buyer agent client’s two most common questions will be i) why would anyone attempt to sell their house without actually putting it on the market, and ii) can you find me an off-market property that I’ll love? There’s more to these obscure opportunities than meets the eye. 


Not all off-market properties are the same and quite a number of homes and investment properties touted as off-market listings are better defined as “pre-market”. There is an agency agreement in place with a selling agent and it is ‘for sale’ however it won’t be advertised via the mainstream channels such as domain.com.au and the local community papers. 



Many people use buyer’s agents when they’re buying a home to live in, but when it comes to their investment property, most choose to go it alone because there’s less emotion involved. But in many ways, buyer’s agents are even more important when buying an investment property.


A well-connected buyer’s agent can provide off-market opportunities and give the buyer the extra advantage in their search for the right property. Buyer’s agents can help investors identify locations that are not necessarily considered “hot” by using both macro and micro lenses.



A good buyer’s agent in Sydney will understand your brief in detail, then tailor their services and fees to your exact needs. This may be as simple as attending an auction to bid on your behalf, or appraising a property you have found, or conducting the entire search campaign all the way from day one to contract settlement.


A top buyers agent will show you the property that ticks your boxes, and sometimes that may be unconventional- but a buyers agent will also show you how an easy low-cost renovation can leave you with the property you dreamed of.


An expert buyers agent will be your voice of reason- guiding you to avoid psychological pitfalls like analysis paralysis, FOMO, buyers remorse and more.


Finally, a good buyers agent will ensure you pay the right price, which means a discount to a comparable property, or ensuring you don’t overpay.



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