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Waterloo is home to a population of 14,600 residents, and the population continues to grow as more people are looking to buy a house in Waterloo. Located in the inner southern suburb of Sydney, Waterloo house prices are rising thanks to its prime location, vicinity to the ocean and rich history.

What's So Special About Waterloo 2017 — Suburb Profile & Property Market Trends?

Waterloo NSW is one of the safer areas as long as you stay away from the Redfern end of the suburb. Locals are friendly, and the average resident is between 20 and 39. Most, almost 74% of people in the area, rent, and the population is slowly growing.


The younger population makes the area fun and exciting, with ample stores and restaurants to enjoy.


Waterloo is a very walkable suburb, with most locations 10 minutes or less to numerous suburbs. The close proximity of over a dozen suburbs, Victorian terrace houses and evolving industrial and residential spaces make the area attractive.


Old-school pubs, bars and eateries are in the area, along with art shops, antique stores and more.

What Shops, Supermarkets, Cafes and Restaurants are in Waterloo?

Waterloo has something for everyone to enjoy. Residents have ample places to go shopping, including the Waterloo Mart or Waterloo Convenience Store. East Village Shopping Centre is filled with stores and supermarkets, or you can eat at:


  • Baby Coffee Co
  • Hungry Jack’s Burgers
  • Kepos & Co
  • Harshita’s Kitchen

There are options across Waterloo for shopping, going out to eat and more.

Where are the Nearest Parks?

waterloo parks

Residents who want to get out of the house and enjoy nature will be happy to find opportunities to enjoy nature throughout Waterloo. The area is home to the following parks:


  • Waterloo Park – the most popular park. The area is beautiful and secluded, and there’s a half-court basketball area to play on.
  • Corning Park – located on S Dowling St. The park has playgrounds, large fields and plenty of grass for dogs to run on.
  • Crown Park – another small park that has seating areas and ample grass for a picnic.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to relax in Waterloo, these are just a few of the parks in the area to enjoy.

Local Schools, Kids Clubs And Education

Waterloo is home to numerous schools, with 77 total schools surrounding the suburb. Among the most popular schools in the area are:


  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Kellick St)
  • Taylors College (965 Bourke St)
  • Yudi Gunyi School (237 Botany Rd)

Younger students have the option to go to the Moore Park Children’s Early Learning Centre. Multiple schools are close to Waterloo but just outside of the suburb. The schools are rated highly, with good curriculums for children.

Distance to Nearest Suburbs — Waterloo Map

waterloo suburb map

Waterloo is ideally situated, with the distance to the nearest suburbs being:


  • Zetland (900m)
  • Eveleigh (1.4km)
  • Beaconsfield (1.6km)
  • Surry Hills (1.8km)
  • Darlington (1.8km)

You’ll be close to other suburbs, including Alexandria, Ultimo, Kensington and Rosebery, to name a few. Residents are within 3km from most suburb city centres, making Waterloo a very desirable suburb for people who want to live right outside of Sydney in one of the area’s best suburbs.

What are the Prices Like for Real Estate in Waterloo?

Real Estate in Waterloo

For a Waterloo first-time homebuyer, it’s an intense market with high prices and rising rents. The in-demand suburb has:


  • Median home prices of $1,427,000
  • Median apartment prices of $855,000

Buying an apartment is expensive, with a one-bedroom costing $650,000, a two-bedroom costing $910,000 and a three-bedroom costing $1.43 million. Working with an agent can help you find a property that’s affordable and fits into your budget.

Dan Sofo

Reasons to Hire a Buyer's Agent in Waterloo

As a buyer’s agents in Waterloo, we offer our clients a wealth of benefits, including:


  • Presenting you with properties that best meet your dream home requirements.
  • Negotiating with sellers to help you secure the best price.
  • Overseeing the entire settlement process.
  • Scheduling inspections for the home.
  • Access to properties that aren’t on the market yet.

When we work for you, we’ll make sure that you buy an apartment in Waterloo (or a home) that you love. Our team will make the process as easy and stress-free as possible so that you only need to worry about moving into your new home.

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