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Sourcing and purchasing commercial property is substantially different to residential. A commercial property purchase which could include property zoned retail, office or industrial requires substantial research to ensure the property will continue to offer appeal to tenants and remain leased as well as to experience substantial capital growth.

commercial property buyers agent

What does a Commercial Buyers Agent do?

A commercial property buyers agent ensures the transaction is problem free, and that there is upside in the deal, for you. That may be a settlement period that suits you, inclusion of fixtures and fittings, identifying a property as a landbank to be rezoned in the future, or finding properties with existing DA approval to redevelop.

If a property is occupied a good buyer agent will ensure that any lease in place is favourable to you the new owner.

A commercial property buyers agent differs from a commercial real estate agent because I exclusively represent the interests of you the buyer, and work to find you property that suits your needs and offers an outperforming ROI for the lifetime of your investment, secured for you at the lowest possible price.

A commercial property buyers agent understands your requirements, to either occupy or to hold as an investment.

Why should I get a Commercial Property Buyers Agent?

Making an uninformed commercial purchase can be an expensive mistake. Purchasing a property that’s challenging to lease, or may miss out on a future uplift in value from rezoning will cost you money.

Hiring a commercial property buyers agent means you have an expert set of eyes out searching and appraising property for a deal that will be profitable and stress free, and secured at the lowest price.
Commercial property
Dan Sofo

Dan Sofo — Your Commercial Property Agent in Sydney

Scouting commercial property successfully to a large degree is about relationships with key commercial agents who in turn have relationships with property owners and know not only what is for sale, but what may be brought to market. It’s about phone calls, doorknocking, networking, and using any means possible to uncover those properties that may suit you for either your business needs, or to lease out as a profitable investment.

There’s never been a better time to deploy my services. Industrial property, in particular that suited to warehousing and logistics is poised to become the darling of property investment as more people work from home, less people shop retail, and the age of delivery has dawned.

The demand for suitable industrial property will only increase. Utilising my services will not only secure you the best deal, you’ll save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the process.
Commercial Buyers Agent
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