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Enigmatic, charismatic, Surry Hills is one of those Sydney inner city suburbs simply brimming at the seams with its own personality. There are so many reasons Surry Hills is one of the most interesting and liveable locales in town. Here are just a few.

What makes Surry Hills such an amazing suburb?

Surry Hills’ vibrancy as a place to live, work and play owes a lot to its place in the Australian story. It is generally recognised as one of the ‘original’ suburbs of Sydney with a history dating close to the first fleet.


The suburb was originally ‘Surrey Hills’, so named by Captain Joseph Foveaux, of the first fleet who was the suburbs original largest single landowner in the 1790s.

Records indicate that Surry Hills signature vibe of part village, part industrial and part gentry has been around since forever. A dark and slummy underbelly although not apparent these days was a large part of the social fabric for a better part of 190 years, and perhaps lends the area that edge of excitement.


In more recent history, certainly since the gentrification of the late 90s and 2000s Surry Hills is THE place to visit a gallery, sip a single origin coffee, enjoy a glass of natural wine, and enjoy a staycation in a boutique hotel. It’s a stroll to the city, and a bus ride to the beach, but ask a local dweller, and they’ll question why you would ever think of leaving the suburb.

So, you want to buy in Surry Hills?

Local knowledge is key. Certain parts are more gentrified, whilst others are yet to blossom. No judgements, but knowing where to purchase will impact how much you love living here. There’s an eclectic mix of workers cottages, houses, units, terraces, and warehouse conversions- depending on your vibe you can be in a quiet lane, close to a pocket park, or right in the beating heart of the action – each comes with its pluses and minuses, and different price tags of course.

Buyers Agent in Surry Hills

Before dropping $1.5m-$5m on a Surry Hills pad you certainly want to spend more than a weekend waltzing the lanes and streets and frequenting the local treats before deciding where you want to grow roots.

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