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Hiring Double Bay Buyer’s Agent Dan Sofo will give you the edge to discover the properties you can’t see, and put the expertise in your corner to successfully negotiate your purchase. 

Why Double Bay?

Double Bay is a harbourside Eastern Suburb of Sydney. Local markets are an attraction on weekends, followed by a craft beer at the expansive Golden Sheaf hotel, or something a little fancier at the Intercontinental Hotel. All of this and more is just 4km from the city, and accessible by road or ferry.

It’s no secret to Eastern Suburbanites that Double Bay is one of the most desirable areas in Sydney to live, work and play. Boutique shopping, marbled boulevardes, beach promenade walks and a hip restaurant and bar scene all contribute to Double Bay’s buzz and reputation. spaces lovely parks and delicious restaurants, cafes and bars. The suburb even comes complete with it’s own protected harbourside swimming area at Redleaf beach and is a gateway to the peninsula walks around Vaucluse and Watsons bay, Nielsen Park, Milk Beach, and the Rose Bay marina.

Why should you use a Buyer's Agent Double Bay?

This suburb is understandably tightly held. Properties across the entire spectrum of prices and configurations are in high demand and many local Double Bay real estate agents know they can sell properties to their private database of buyer clients, without having to go to market. Double Bay is also home to a large number of business, media and sports identities who may wish to keep their property affairs confidential and off-market.

Double Bay

If there’s one suburb where you really need to leverage the local community and real estate connections of a leading buyers agent, Double Bay is that suburb.


Property buyer’s agents (also known as a buyer’s advocate) are quite common in the United States and have gained popularity in Sydney due to the competitiveness in suburbs like Double Bay. Put simply, there are many more buyers than quality properties available to purchase.

Dan Sofo

Dan Sofo — Your Buyers Agent in Double Bay

I know what it’s like out there.


Double Bay is a desirable place to live and invest. It’s no surprise that market is so competitive.


Demand is so high many properties for sale aren’t even advertised, and those that are, are sold to the highest bidder at auction.


It doesn’t help that sellers are represented by industry professionals, skilled at extracting the highest price from inexperienced buyers who don’t realise they too have the option of expert guidance too.


My name is Dan Sofo and I’m here to change the status quo.

Buyers Agent Double Bay

As a buyer’s agent my passion is to bring my industry expertise, agent relationships. market knowledge and negotiating power to give you the upper hand in your property search and purchase.

I’ve faced and conquered all of the challenges of purchasing property in Sydney – multiple times for myself, and many times more in my three years working for my clients.

Unicorn Buyer’s Agents is an agency of one. There are no associates, no juniors.

When you hire me, you get me, committed exclusively to your brief and working relentlessly until the keys to your dream home are in your hands. If that sounds a little close up and personal, you’re right- it is. But my energy will deliver you a result you’ll be delighted with.

Ready to purchase? Contact me for a no obligation chat.

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