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Why use A Buyer's Agent to buy in Sydney City

Sydney’s Inner City suburbs have always been a vibrant and exciting place to live and since the end of the pandemic, much of the City of Sydney LGA is undergoing a renaissance.


We are seeing improvements to the quality of life in these suburbs due to upgrades to public transport, cycleways, public/green spaces and planning allowing an increase in diversity of retail, services and food and beverage. Completing multi unit developments are more design focused and more coherent with existing streetscapes.


An abundance of heritage protected terraces and warehouses ensures a diversity of design and when coupled with the high value of land prompts designers to be creative with smaller spaces. We have experienced a renewed interest in city fringe life from clients and are always  buying for singles, couples, young families, and older downsizers looking to return from the suburbs and rejoin the action.


The city fringe is no longer a place to work, its a place to live -for all ages and all walks of life. 

Meet Trusted Sydney City Buyers Agent Dan Sofo

I know what it’s like out there.


Sydney’s East, Inner West and North shore are desirable places to live and invest. It’s no surprise that they are in fact some of the most competitive property markets on Earth.


It doesn’t help that sellers are represented by industry professionals, skilled at extracting the highest price from inexperienced buyers who don’t realize they too have the option of expert guidance too.


Demand is so high many properties for sale aren’t even advertised, and those that are, are sold to the highest bidder at auction. 


As a Buyers Agent specialising in Sydney City,  my passion is to bring my industry expertise, agent relationships. Market knowledge and negotiating power to give you the upper hand in your property search and purchase. 


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What Defines the City of Sydney?

The inner Sydney region is a bustling and vibrant area that encompasses a diverse range of suburbs and localities. This area is situated to the east and southeast of the city center and is known for its lively atmosphere, vibrant culture, and excellent dining and entertainment options. 


Some of the most well-known suburbs in the inner Sydney region include Surry Hills, Potts Point, Darlinghurst, and Redfern, all of which offer a mix of historic architecture, trendy cafes and bars, and world-class restaurants. 


The region is also home to a number of popular tourist attractions, such as the iconic Sydney Opera House, the historic Rocks district, and the vibrant nightlife of Kings Cross. Additionally, the inner Sydney region offers excellent public transport links, making it easy to get around and explore all that this dynamic area has to offer.

Key considerations when buying property in Sydney City

There are a number of considerations and pitfalls to be on the lookout for when buying in the City of Sydney LGA. Much of the City of Sydney area is governed by a heritage heritage overlay.


If you’re buying a torrens title home (terrace or semi), there are specific planning controls dictating how the property can be developed. This is not only a consideration if you’re planning to renovate, you’ll also need to ensure any past alterations are compliant. Most homes are 100 years old or more and many of these homes have been renovated only cosmetically and ‘flipped’ for profit. We often inspect properties with a new kitchen, sanded floor boards and a fresh coat of paint yet structural issues like a leaky roof, rising damp and old wiring have not been addressed.


If you’re buying a terrace or semi, it’s also often a good idea to have the property independently surveyed. Property boundaries can shift over time onto neighbouring properties and public easements/rights of way creating a potential for future legal contest. A formal survey can give you peace of mind that you’re getting the land that you pay for and have clear title to everything within the surveyed boundary. 


If there’s water/sewer infrastructure running beneath the property, you’ll need to acquire a ‘build over sewer’ clearance from Sydney Water, and check it doesn’t prohibit you from renovating. 


In suburbs like Centennial Park, Redfern, and Darlington which are particularly rich in indigenous history you’ll be wise to check in with the LALC (Local Aboriginal Land Council) which protect sacred local sites and artifacts – including trees.  A protected tree- even a diseased one cannot be removed without LALC consent.


Inner city living means increased density. You’ll be living shoulder to shoulder with neighbours from a diverse cultural and social background. It’s worthwhile spending some time to see who lives on the street you’re buying into. 


It’s also critical to research nearby development using a DA tracking tool and setting up property alerts to stay across upcoming development that may affect your access to light and views, or create years of construction noise.

What Sydney City areas i believe are best poised for growth and why

Outperforming capital growth happens when gentrification, amenity and infrastructure occurs in suburbs with restricted development. 


We have our sights set on pockets of Alexandria, Waterloo, Erskineville ,Ultimo, Pyrmont, Woolloomooloo, Redfern, Darlington and Paddington (City of Sydney side) where heritage and planning/height controls restrain development. 


At the same time they are benefitting from the addition of public transport (metro, light rail), cycleways, and precinct master plans sanctioning more retail and service business and an improvement to the night time economies. This increased amenity is attracting a new generation of residents who are investing in renovations and supporting new local businesses, closing the gentrification loop.

Recent Sydney City purchases

Here are some of the properties which we’ve found, researched, negotiated, and purchased for our clients in Sydney City.


Dan Sofo was our Buyers Agent during a very hot market period where it was extremely challenging to secure a property. Dan knows his business, he knows real estate agents and how to negotiate with them. Furthermore he is able to snap off-market properties which is a big plus in a competitive market.
Alexandre Girard
Dan is a Buyers Agent and is consummate professional - really knows his stuff - but also a really lovely guy and such a pleasure to work with. He listened, adjusted the brief when necessary and communicated exceptionally well. Worth every cent!
Erin Wilson
Plenty of Buyers Agents don't negotiate for their clients - instead they just find properties and make the buyer pay top dollar. Dan cross examines, executes with absolute precision and leaves every last cent not needed to be spent for his clients in their account
Bianca Field
Client Testimonials
Jenny & Stuart
Jenny & Stuart
Morgan and Giselle
Emily and Josh

The Process To Buy Your Dream Sydney City Property

When it comes to buying property everyone’s needs are different. My proven process will ensure I find you a property in inner Sydney that you’ll love. You’ll be delighted with the result.

Discovery Session

We’ll meet to discuss your needs and how I will work to help you. We’ll create a detailed brief together outlining your must-have’s and nice to have and setting your budget.

The Search

You’ll get access to on, off, and pre-market property available to purchase that meets your brief. I’ll share videos and photos and walk you through any property you choose to shortlist.

The appraisal

I apply my stringent 22 point checklists to ensure your purchase is problem-free and co-ordinate contract and strata review, building and pest, and any other reports required.

The negotiation

I’m in your corner to secure your home, on your terms for the lowest possible price I’ll then co-ordinate your solicitor and broker to ensure the transaction is trouble-free, all the way to settlement.

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