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Tax Return Claims for Investment Properties

As we head toward 30th June now is a great time for those of you holding investment property to get your affairs in order, so you can claim as much as possible in your tax return. Now when it comes to property there are so many expenses you can claim. There’s a pretty detailed list […]

NSW Announces Stamp Duty Reform

The hottest news in property land this week is the announcement that our Stamp Duty system is getting a makeover- for first home buyers. The new scheme is called First Home Buyer Choice. Under the new scheme, first home buyers, purchasing a property up to $1.5M will be able to choose between either paying a […]

Mid-June 2022 Market Wrap

Well, there’s a lot of uncertainty and volatility ‘out there’ right now. As usual, being driven by the media. But if we look past the headlines, our projected national economic outlook is ok with agriculture, commodities, and energy fetching premium prices. Our borders have re-opened, migration has resumed with NSW planning forecasting a population increase […]

Why A New Build Inspection Report Is ESSENTIAL

For those of you who are looking to buy a house or apartment that’s recently built, or extensively renovated, And it may seem inappropriate to get a building and pest report done for a new build, but it does make sense – and in fact there is a particular type of building inspection you want […]

Climate Change and Sydney Property Prices Market Update Jan 2022

Over the past week here in Sydney metro areas we saw just over 900 properties sell via private treaty and another 60 properties at auction- Across Sydney, there are only around 7700 properties listings- so very subdued numbers and short supply as the market still hasn’t fully returned to speed. The rental market for January […]

Property Market Update – January 19, 2022

Welcome to my first property report of 2022, its 18th January and what an interesting market we have returned to this year. Last week across NSW 1056 properties sold, only 16 of those at auction. What’s selling is stock left over from last year, with comparatively few properties being listed- thats the case for both […]

Best Sydney Suburbs for Families

What are the best suburbs in Sydney for families? Australia is home to over 600 suburbs, each with its own unique settings, history and things to do. Some suburbs are ideal for older residents and others are geared towards college students. However, there are plenty of places to take kids in Sydney and raise a […]

How Good Is Your Property Team?

If you’re getting ready to buy property having the right people around you, can make the difference between getting the deal done and missing out. The Sydney property market is more competitive than ever. The best properties sell in days so you need to be ready to move fast. A good mortgage broker who is […]

What Is the Difference Between a Real Estate Agent and a Buyer’s Agent?

Buying and selling real estate can be complicated. That’s where buyers agents and real estate agents come in. These professionals do all of the hard work for you, making it as stress-free as possible to buy or sell a property. But which one do you need? What’s the difference between a buyers agent vs. real […]

The Cheapest Suburbs of Eastern Sydney Where You Can Still Buy A Home

Sydney is one of the world’s most desirable locations. Considered a melting pot, Sydney has an abundance of places to shop, people to meet and cultures to learn about. Job opportunities are plenty, but there’s one problem: pricing. Most people look for the most affordable suburbs in Sydney. What is the Median House Price in […]

How To Find the Best Off-Market Properties for Sale — 8 Ways

One of the best ways to find properties in a competitive real estate market is through off market channels. Off market real estate is a growing trend in Australia, and today, many agents and firms deal exclusively in off market properties. But what does “off market” mean? Why would you want to buy an off […]

2 Minutes With: Limited Title On A Property – What Does It Mean For You?

Limited Title on a property- what does it mean for you? Limited title means the land a house, terrace, or townhouse is on, hasn’t been formally surveyed, and therefore the land registry is unsure of the property boundaries and restrictions. A limited title can create a number of different headaches for you. It’s not uncommon […]

2 Minutes With: Yes, it is a great time to be house hunting (August 2021)

It’s true, and here’s why. If you’re house hunting in Sydney right now you’ll likely experience a level of service normally reserved for buyers agents; private inspections, and prompt communication from agents normally rushed off their feet. You’re also contending with a smaller pool of serious buyers and sellers. That, coupled with a dash of […]

2 Minutes With: Online Auction Bidding Tips

Online auction bidding is becoming the new normal and there are some considerations specific to online auctions. It’s critical you’ve had the contract reviewed and your requested changes agreed. Make sure your broker knows you’re bidding and you’re clear on your limits. Pre register to bid the day before. You’ll need to identify yourself by […]

2 Minutes With: What Could Push Sydney House Prices Higher? (Aug 2021)

Sydney house prices could continue to rise in the medium term, driven by three factors: 1. Interest from foreign buyers. In 2020 The FIRB approved 7050 applications from foreigners for residential property purchases totalling $17B. That’s 19 properties purchased daily by foreigners at an average price of $2.4M and it’s fair to assume most of […]

Buyer Fatigue (July 2021)

The property market in Sydney has been running hot, with some publications estimating an 18% rise in Sydney house prices in the past six months since January. We can confirm we have been seeing and talking to a higher percentage of buyers who have missed out; they’ve missed out bidding at auction, or had their […]

Paddington buyer Andrew shares his customer journey

“It is absolutely critical to have a buyer’s agent in Sydney in this cutthroat market. What’s more important is that that person should be Dan.” Long time Paddington local Andrew shares his journey as a client of Unicorn Buyer’s Agents. If you’re tired of missing out, and want to see the best properties available to […]

2 Minutes With: Where Should You Buy Property In 2021, 2022 & Beyond?

Where should you buy property in 2021/2022? Here’s my TOP picks for Sydney and beyond. In Sydney’s North I like houses in Newport and Avalon. The beaches rail link and spit tunnel will be built which will reduce travel times leading to capital growth. In the East I like Kingsford, Coogee, Randwick. Students & backpackers […]

2 Minutes With: Give Them “An Offer They Can’t Refuse”

How to submit “an offer they cant refuse” Having the highest bid at the auction IS NOT the only way to buy property, even in our current market! In this short video I share some of my best tips to help you submit a pre offer that will convince any vendor to sell you their […]

2 Minutes With: How’s It Going, Sydney? (May 2021)

A property market update for 1st week of May 2021 for Sydneys Eastern and inner Western suburbs where the last few months have really been running hot, in particular for houses, as a result of low interest rates, and lack of supply. Just recently the runaway train seems to have stabilised, one key indicator of […]

2 Minutes With: Keep Your Purchase Price Confidential

If you’re about to buy a property, you might like to know there’s a way you can keep your purchase price confidential- at least for a certain amount of time. The way to do so is to request to the selling agent that you would like the price UNDISCLOSED, as soon as you sign the […]

How Much Will it Cost You to NOT Use A Buyer’s Agent?

I talk to buyers every day and a comment I often hear is “I’d love to use a buyers agent to find my property but I really can’t afford it because I need to put every dollar toward my purchase”. I buy property for a living and reckon I can do two things pretty well- […]

Sydney Property Update Feb ’21 Direct from the Front Line

Sydney Property Market Update 23 Feb 2021! Coming to you from the front line, direct from the source- here’s what’s happening in property land in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, and Lower North Shore! – Any property with a land component, free standing homes, semis, townhouses with a decent sized outdoor area, are going for […]

Buyer Advice- Ask The Neighbours!

I recently caught up with a mate who’s friend had bought what seemed like a special apartment- ocean views, a stroll to the sand. They moved in and soon after were hit with some expensive special levies which their solicitor hadn’t mentioned from the strata review. You may have heard similar stories, about someone who […]

Buy AND Sell Property- At The Same Time!

A complaint I regularly hear is from new clients who would like to buy their next home using funds from the sale of their current home, but they are hesitant to sell because finding their new home is proving tough. If this situation sounds familiar, here’s a solution that can work for you. Step one […]

Make A Cooling Off Waiver Work For You

Generally a property sale by private treaty in all states of Australia except WA allows for cooling off. This is a period of two to five days in which you can decide not to proceed with the purchase for any reason. It’s a different story when you’re purchasing property at an auction where there is […]

How To: Check Important Stuff in Your Sales Contract

Whilst it’s essential you have the sales contract for your prospective property purchase reviewed by a solicitor experienced in property conveyancing, it’s also very useful for you to know how to check the bits that can affect you the most. Spending ten minutes browsing through a sales contract before passing it on to your solicitor […]

2021 Predictions for Property

Is the only way ‘up’? It’s been a rollercoaster ride of a year and whilst many are still predicting doom and gloom for the future, property researchers SQM have released a rosy forecast for Property in 2021. Their model proposes four different scenarios. Each scenario hinges on similar factors such as interest rates, levels of […]

Is The Property Clock Broken?

If you’ve spent any time learning about property you may have come across the ‘Property Clock’ which is a diagram showing how the major cities and regions are performing. You can see here theres a clock published for houses, one for apartments, even one for commercial property. When a region is marked at the “12”- […]

The Art of NEGOTIATION with guest Steven York

After a decade heading up the NSW Police Crisis Negotiation task force, it’s fair to say that Steve York really is a master when it comes to getting people to come to an agreement. He’s dealt with everything from $150m business deals to armed hostage negotiations and estimates he has personally negotiated over 400 critical […]

Buyer Tips for Deceased Estates

If you’ve been out house hunting for any length of time there is a good chance you’ll come across a property being sold as a deceased estate. Understanding the rules and norms of how a deceased estate transaction is conducted may well put you in a better position to secure the property, and at a […]

Aircraft Noise and How To Avoid It

Here’s 2 simple hacks to make sure your home purchase isn’t affected by aircraft noise.  Peace and tranquillity, something we all value highly when we’re looking for a home to buy.  Now one of the positive impacts of COVID has been less congestion, less traffic on the road and of course, no aircraft noise, because […]

PROPERTY INVESTORS: Get Tenants, Keep Tenants

Daniel Bligh is the founder of Elevate – a boutique property management firm looking after landlords in Sydney’s East and Inner West. Daniel has a winning formula – it’s called great communication- with both landlords and tenants and he personally attends to every client with great care. Daniel takes personal responsibility for every property on […]

Sydney’s Most Experienced Auctioneer Shares His Winning Bidding Strategies

This week I got to chat with legendary auctioneer Matt Shalhoub. Matt is the real deal. He’s called more than ten thousand auctions on properties ranging from $600,000 to $6m and as such he has seen many many bidding strategies and taken note of which ones consistently seem to perform. He very kindly shares his […]

Sydney Property Market Predictions For 2021

There’s never a shortage of property market predictions and forecasts- everyone has an opinion on which way the property market is headed. Commentary, especially in the last six months has been quite doom and gloom, we’ve heard predictions of everything from 10%-30% falls to complete market crashes.

The 2020 Updated Guide To Stamp Duty In NSW

Stamp duty in the state of NSW has been updated as of 1st July 2020 which makes it a great time to talk about this topic. It’s likely one of the biggest single taxes you’ll pay in your lifetime. Consider that the duty on a $1m purchase is about $42,000, which would take the average […]

Home Inspection Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

This week I’d like to share some tips and tricks you can use when making your home inspections to see if that property is going to be well suited to you, and free of costly problems down the track. Start by familiarising yourself with the floor plan and understanding the property orientation, even before you […]

Is Now The Best Time To Buy Property In Sydney?

Timing an entry point into any market is difficult. Whilst we recognise that time in the market is more important than timing, those who assess risk and seize opportunities are often rewarded.  Are opportunities presenting themselves in the Sydney real estate market as the light at the end of the COVID tunnel nears?  To help […]

What Difference Does 2% Make?

2%  It doesn’t sound like much, but when it comes to capital growth, over the time period you’ll own  your home or investment it can mean you are missing out on a lot of money. A common mistake often made that results from looking at the data and statistics, is that all properties in a […]

3 Tips To Help You Buy Property Better

House Prices in Sydney drifted a little lower again in July 2020 and although there are some pockets and suburbs showing resilience and price growth, there are many other areas where buying opportunities are presenting themselves.

What Can Falling Cats Teach Us About The Current Property Market?

Back in the 80’s a couple of whacky New York vets ran a study on the injuries sustained by cats that fell out of skyscraper windows.

12 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Buyers Agent

Do you want to avoid a house-hunting disaster that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, months of precious time, or even worse – missing out on that perfect property?

Sydney Buyers Agents & The Truth About Off Market Property

Anyone who has spent time house-hunting will be familiar with the term ‘off-market’ property.

When Cheaper Property Prices Do Not Make For Smart Buying

Here’s a tip that’s going to be especially useful as we begin to see COVID induced cracks appear in parts of Sydney’s Eastern suburbs property market. 

Sydney Property Prices and Climate Change

Climate change is a highly divisive topic so let me begin by clarifying that our various opinions on its existence and cause are no longer relevant.

Property Underquoting. What Can You Do About It?

The number one grievance I hear from clients is about how real estate agents guide prices for their property for sale.

How You Can Predict The Future of The Property Market

Perhaps more time is spent in this country talking about, and speculating on what the future holds for the property market than on any other single topic.

Highest Best Use Thinking. Will It Help You Buy Better Property?

Highest and Best Use (HBU) is a familiar concept to property pros like developers, valuers and selling agents.

Unemployment & Property Prices In A Post Covid Sydney

This week the ABS released the unemployment statistics for May. Now economic forecasters love stats and often declare the employment rate as a key driver of house price action.

A Guide To Selecting and Inspecting Investment Properties

To make an informed investment choice there is a fair degree of research that should first be undertaken when selecting and inspecting investment properties.

Buyers Agents… Worth The Cost?

In Australia until recently the use of a professional buyers agent to undertake one’s search and property purchase was uncommon.

Top Tips to Bid At Auction

Bidding on your own property with zero experience as a first timer is like swimming at sunset in shark infested waters. All of your hard work comes down to those few minutes where you go toe to toe with the property market’s apex predator- the auctioneer.

Top things to look out for when buying an investment property

There’s are plenty of options for a property investor looking for their first or next purchase however not all properties are created equal.