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“Dan’s service was second to none. All of the concerns and worries of buying a home disappeared as soon as we signed up to his services. He made this whole process a pleasure, and we now have our dream family home in Bondi.”

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Meet Dan Sofo — Your Trusted Property Buyer's Agent in Sydney

Sydney is one of the world’s most desirable places to live and invest so it’s no surprise that our property market is highly competitive and challenging to navigate.

Often the best properties available to purchase aren’t advertised, and those that do appear on the market are sold by industry experts who know how to extract the highest price from inexperienced buyers.

We live in an age where safety and performance are paramount. You’re about to make one of the most important purchases of your life. Let me help you find what you love, get more than you pay for, and secure the future value and enjoyment of your property for many years to come.

For me, every client purchase feels personal. I’ve been through the pain a Sydney buyer experiences too many times and that inspired a profession where I can give other buyers access to an industry insider’s search capacity and negotiating power and ultimately a superior advantage.

As a boutique agency comprised of three, we work with a select number of clients at any one time. You can expect our complete focus and attention on your brief.



Agent outreach, RPdata research, community connections, and a healthy dose of good old fashioned letterbox drops and door knocking are all in a day’s work to find your property.



Calls to strata, chats with the neighbours, DA checks at council, flood maps, aircraft noise, easements, encumbrances..every detail is checked and all of the facts are presented to you so you can make an informed decision.



We engage with selling agents and private owners every day, so we know exactly what it takes to secure your property at terms favourable to you, and at the lowest possible price. That may be via private treaty, in a pre auction negotiation, or on auction day.

What Is Happening With Sydney Property Right Now?

Buying in Sydney has never been easy. Unfortunately, conditions for many buyers in 2021 are only getting worse. Sydney on-market house property listings are back to 2015 levels yet our population has increased by 1.2M and property values are up 56% over that same period. There are more buyers than quality available properties and it’s a seller’s market which puts further upwards pressure on prices.

How Can I Help You?

If you’re hunting for a home, or a clever residential or commercial investment, saving you time is just the beginning. Our market knowledge and selling agent connections enable us to qualify every property meaning you’re only shown the very best and most suitable options that meet your brief. We’ll present you with opportunities you can’t see, including off-market properties. Shortlisted candidates are thoroughly researched so you can purchase with confidence, knowing the price we negotiate for you is at or below market value and that your property will perform as expected.

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What is the difference between a buyers’ agent and real estate agent?

It’s important to realize that a real estate agent is hired and paid by the seller of a property to get the highest possible price and most favorable terms for them. A real estate agent ultimately acts in the seller’s best interest, not yours. At Unicorn Buyer’s Agents, I work exclusively for you, the buyer. I am a Property Buyer’s Agent, paid solely by you to find the property you love and to negotiate the price and terms in your best interest.

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