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How to Outsmart the January Property Market

  An interesting phenomenon within our capital city markets is for property prices to increase every January.   I call this reoccuring price pump the January effect and it can be explained by a combination of buyer and seller psychology, and the relatively lower supply.   Buyer Psychology Revitalises Demand …

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Sydney Suburbs Capital Growth 2023

  Looking back on this year I think we can all agree 2023 has been quite the ride.   It has been a year of upheaval politically and economically both globally and here at home.   This translated into volatility for property prices, with a further creation of markets within …

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Forecasting the Sydney Property Market: Will 2024 Be the Year for Apartments?

  This week saw the release of two well respected property research pieces – the 2024 Boom and Bust Report from SQM Research and the 2024 Knight Frank Horizon Report.   Louis Christopher, the managing director of SQM research has a base scenario for property prices in Sydney to move …

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’Tis the Season for… Off-Markets

  It’s the 2nd week of November which means there’s really only four weeks left in the property selling season as many buyers and sellers check out for the Christmas season and prioritise socialising over property.   With such a short window left, and not as many active participants a …

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October Property Update – A Balanced Market?

  It’s the last week of October and the property market landscape really is changing from week to week.   Just two months ago the Spring selling season made an early and strong start. With more certainty that interest rates had peaked we saw more sellers listing their properties with …

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Is It Better to Buy at Property Auction or Make an Offer Before in Sydney?

  Is it better to buy at Auction or make an offer prior?   The answer is- it depends.   The motivations of the sales agent and vendor, and where you are in your buying journey all have a part to play. As does your confidence around what the property …

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Are Foreign Investors Dominating the Sydney Investment Property Market?

The Foreign Investment Quarterly Report was released by Treasury last week, accompanied by a press release declaring an increase in buyers from throughout Asia and the United Kingdom, and a rise in the value of their purchases.   There is a common perception that foreigners are investing heavily in Aussie …

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Decoding the Great Wealth Transfer in the Sydney Property Market

Over the past few years I’ve observed that my clients are increasingly getting a much bigger leg up from the ‘bank of mum and dad’. Not just first home buyers but older families upsizing into bigger homes too.   Bob Guth from Bradfield Badger Fox has summarises the state of …

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Unlocking Secrets: How to Successfully Purchase an Off- Market Property in Sydney

  Part of the value in hiring me is to see properties you won’t find online. However dealing with off-market properties requires a different approach.   They’re often unrenovated and poorly presented because they haven’t been prepared for sale.   Access can be difficult. Buyers have to be prepared to …

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AFR Property Summit – A Summary

  Last week property’s most influential leaders and insiders gathered to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the property sector. Here’s the result.   Government has identified a need to build 1.2 million new homes by 2027 to meet demand yet the common consensus was we’ll achieve less than half …

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