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Equal parts natural beauty and grand architecture, Vaucluse is spectacular in every respect. With ocean views to the East and the expanse of Sydney Harbour to the West, Vaucluse is ranked in the top few most affluent suburbs in Australia with average house prices well in excess of $5m.

Is Vaucluse a ‘Good’ Suburb to Live In?

Located in the Eastern Suburbs, Vaucluse cannot be described as merely good. It has attained it’s lofty status of desirability because it is truly a wonderful place to live, and play. It is less than 10km to the city, just a short commute, yet feels like a Harbour oasis a million miles away from any city. Living in Vaucluse is about having the best of all worlds.

Spend your days by the water at Parsley Bay or Milk Beach, picnicking at Neilson Park, strolling the Hermitage walk, or soaking up the views at Dunbar head. Then enjoy a low key evening nibbling fish and chips from the Watson’s Bay Hotel, or dress up and step out for a fancier meal at Catalina Rose Bay, moments down the road.


Life in Vaucluse is a rarefied experience, aspired to by many but enjoyed by only the privileged few.

Why Use a Buyer's Agent in Vaucluse?


With a population of less than 7,000 residents, less than 2500 homes, properties come to market infrequently, and demand really does outpace supply. Many homes trade out of view of the public eye as high profile residents seek privacy, and local selling agents enjoy ample attention from their close networks and databases. Often, purchasing a home in Vaucluse involves enticing an owner who may not have thought to sell at all.

Dan Sofo

Dan Sofo — Your Buyers Agent in Vaucluse

I know what it’s like out there.


Vaucluse is a one of the most desirable places to live in Sydney so it’s no surprise the Vaucluse property market is so competitive.


Demand is so high many properties for sale aren’t even advertised, and those that are, are sold to the highest bidder at auction.


It doesn’t help that sellers are represented by industry professionals, skilled at extracting the highest price from inexperienced buyers who don’t realise they too have the option of expert guidance too.


My name is Dan Sofo and I’m here to change the status quo.


As a Vaucluse local buyer’s agent my passion is to bring my industry expertise, agent relationships. market knowledge and negotiating power to give you the upper hand in your property search and purchase. 


I’ve faced and conquered all of the challenges of purchasing property in Sydney – multiple times for myself, and many times more in my three years working for my clients.

Unicorn Buyer’s Agents is an agency of one. There are no associates, no juniors.

When you hire me, you get me, committed exclusively to your brief and working relentlessly until the keys to your dream home are in your hands. If that sounds a little close up and personal, you’re right- it is. But my energy will deliver you a result you’ll be delighted with.

Ready to purchase? Contact me for a no obligation chat.

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