Meet Dan Sofo

My mission is to deliver industry expertise and negotiating power into the hands of home buyers and investors competing in some of the world’s toughest property markets.

Did you know that the average Australian will buy only one or two properties in their lifetime? When they do they will contend with an army of real estate professionals exclusively representing the seller and well practised at squeezing the highest possible price out of unsuspecting buyers.

The property industry has always been about sales agents representing sellers, whilst buyers have been left with insufficient expert guidance. Building on my career as a small business owner and property investor it made to create a service to look after the best interests of property buyers, and here I am today.

The best service offerings are specialised and that certainly applies to Unicorn Buyer’s Agents. My point of difference is my unconventional methods of search and research and a ‘do what it takes’ attitude to get the most desirable property in front of you.   

My local suburb data and information come direct from the source, including selling agents, auctioneers, valuers, local councils, chambers of commerce, and vendors themselves. I don’t rely on media commentary or spin. I stick to facts and the hard numbers, and that ultimately supports my firm negotiation style, to achieve the prices and terms my clients are delighted with time and again.