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Gain The Upper Hand in Property Negotiations

If you enjoy house hunting, or have already identified one or more properties that you like, then my property negotiation (buyer concierge) service may suit you.


You show me the property you like. And I’ll do the rest, giving you insight insights to ensure you don’t waste another minute chasing properties that are out of your budget or are poor quality.


And when you found a property that’s just right for you, you’ll have me in your corner to negotiate the purchase to the lowest price possible, or attend auction if need be.


A buyer’s agent on call in your pocket. That’s my property negotiation service.

Pre-Auction Negotiation

If a property is set to go to auction, it can sometimes be advantageous to secure it beforehand due to the inherent uncertainties of the auction process.


We leverage our strong connections with sales agents to evaluate the level of interest in the property. This insight, combined with an understanding of the seller’s objectives, allows us to strategically assess the situation. Additionally, we consider current market conditions to determine whether it is more beneficial to negotiate a pre-auction purchase or to allow the auction to proceed.

Post-Auction Negotiation

If a property remains unsold after auction, sellers typically seek to negotiate with the highest bidder and other interested parties.


This phase can be lengthy, but Unicorn Buyers Agents will develop a strategy to secure the property at an optimal price and on favourable terms.

On-Market Negotiation

Most sellers aim to attract numerous potential buyers through a sales process.


At Unicorn Buyers Agents, we evaluate whether there is a viable opportunity to negotiate a purchase before the sales campaign concludes.

Off-Market Negotiation​

Securing an off-market property before the seller opts to list it publicly requires insight into their motivations and sales objectives.


This approach can be advantageous for the buyer, as it often involves less competition compared to the open market.

Maximize Your Buying Power with Unicorn Buyers Agents

Navigating property negotiations can be complex and challenging, requiring a deep understanding of market dynamics and what sellers are aiming for.


At Unicorn Buyers Agents, we’ve honed our negotiation skills through countless interactions with sales agents, conveyancers, and sellers. This experience allows us to confidently maximise your purchasing power and secure you the best possible outcome.


We’re here to take the stress out of negotiations, focusing on what you want to achieve while keeping in close contact with the sales agents, lawyers, and others involved in the process.

Property Negotiation Service Reviews

Property Negotiation Service Areas

As an independent buyers agency, we offer a personalised property buying service in Sydney’s Eastern SuburbsSydney City, Inner West and North Shore. We search and purchase in blue chip and emerging blue chip Sydney suburbs and we are meticulous in our research with a  ‘boots on the ground’ approach to validate each and every purchase. 

Eastern Suburbs real estate is sought after by local, interstate and international homebuyers and investors. Eastern Suburbs real estate is sought after by local, interstate and international homebuyers and investors. 

Sydney’s Inner West is a sprawl of villages within villages and could be described as the organic alt sibling to Sydney’s East and North with an emphasis on craft, creativity and community mindedness.

The North Shore features many beautiful homes but often without the ostentatiousness of the East. We find a substantial number of properties trade quietly off-market and credibility and local relationships are required to have visibility across the everything that might be available to purchase.

We have experienced a renewed interest in the Sydney city fringe life from clients and are always buying for singles, couples, young families, and older downsizers looking to return from the suburbs and rejoin the action.

All Service Options


Full service

Our Search, Appraise, Negotiate option is our complete property buying service.



Property Negotiation

If you’ve already identified properties that you like then this service may suit you.


Bid at auction

We know the rules, we know the games and we know how to win.



Vendor advocacy

We help you find the best sales agent to sell your property.


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