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Real estate in Watsons Bay is scarce primarily because houses for sale in Watsons Bay are very expensive. The beaches, views and history make the suburb an upscale area, with 850 residents and many tourists.

There are views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the suburb is home to numerous heritage buildings.

What's So Special About Watsons Bay Houses? Suburb Profile & Property Market Trends

Watsons Bay is a harbourside, eastern suburb of Sydney. It is a fun area to be in with a small population. Watsons Bay property for sale is often expensive, and the high prices are due to the suburb’s two beaches and entrance to the famous Sydney Harbour.


The area is a popular tourist hotspot, but many of the residents in Sydney come to the suburb on the weekends.


When strolling down the street, you’ll pass by numerous heritage buildings with beautiful architecture. If you’re up for an adventure, you can go to the “Gap,” which is a lovely cliff that overlooks the sea.


If you want to enjoy a bit of fishing, the wharf is one of the area’s most popular fishing spots.


A gem in the eastern suburbs, Watsons Bay’s main road is home to various restaurants and places to eat. There are also parks to sit and enjoy a picnic if you don’t want to spend the afternoon shopping.

What Shops, Supermarkets, Cafes and Restaurants Are in Watsons Bay, Sydney?

Watsons Bay is home to the family-run Doyles on the Beach restaurant, which has harbour views and has been in operation for generations. The restaurant has an extensive wine list and is one of the top spots for people to visit.

We recommend reservations if going to Doyles because the waitlist is often long.


Dunbar House, Eastern Bay Thai and other eateries can be found in the local area, too. Residents will often stop at the Watsons Bay Milk Bar to pick up a snack or go to the Baithouse in the Tea Garden for a snack.

Where Are the Nearest Parks?

Watsons Bay Parks

The waterfront community is known for its marine life, but there are a few beautiful parks that people can explore in the area:


  • Gap Park: The most famous park in the area is Gap Park, located on Gap Road. The site offers a large cliff path where you can gaze into the distance and see the Harbour. The park is a good location for bird and whale watching.
  • Camp Cove Reserve: Located off of Cove Street, the reserve is a small park with just a few benches. There are great spots for beginner divers to practice, and it’s a popular location for people wanting to picnic.

Local Schools, Kids Clubs and Education

Watsons Bay has a small population, so there are no traditional schools to attend. The nearest school is the Vancluse Public School if you don’t count the area’s pilot or art schools. Vancluse also has the Little School and Finn Clara School.


Locals will have to go outside of the suburb for education.

Distance To Nearest Suburbs

Watsons Bay Suburb Map

Due to the suburb’s unique location, the only other suburb that borders it is Vancluse, which is 3.9km away from the city centre. The next nearest suburbs are Dover Heights and Rose Bay, which are 4.7km and 5.8km away, respectively.

What Are the Prices Like for Real Estate in Watsons Bay?

Watsons Bay Real Estate

Due to a lack of inventory, there is little historical data relating to housing prices in the area. Homes sell for millions of dollars, and so do apartments. The available data is outdated but includes:


  • 2 BR apartment for $2.1 million
  • 5 BR house for $3.7 million
  • 5 BR mansion for $16.8 million
  • 4 BR house for $14.2 million

The area’s homes sell for millions of dollars, especially if they’re on the bay.

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Reasons to Hire a Buyer's Agent in Watsons Bay, NSW

Finding accommodation in Watsons Bay Sydney is very difficult. The area’s superb location leads to very few residents selling their homes. If you want to move to the area, a buyer’s agent is your best opportunity to:

  • Find a home you can afford
  • Put a rapid bid on a home

Due to market competitiveness, the guidance and expertise of a buyer’s agent may be the only way to purchase a home in the suburb.

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