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Navigating the property market in Annandale can feel like diving into a pool of opportunities, with competitive bidding wars and hidden gems waiting around every corner.


Hey there, I’m Dan Sofo, your seasoned buyer’s agent in Annandale. With a solid track record of conquering Sydney’s property challenges, both on a personal level and for my esteemed clients, I bring a unique mix of industry insights, valuable connections, and masterful negotiation skills to guide you through Annandale’s real estate landscape.


At Unicorn Buyer’s Agents, it’s just me – no big teams, no distractions. When you partner with me, you get my undivided attention, committed solely to making your property dreams in Annandale a reality, until you’re holding the keys to your dream home. It’s personal, it’s focused, and it delivers results. Your satisfaction and success are my driving forces.


Let’s embark on this property journey in Annandale together, making informed decisions and securing your perfect property without the usual stress and uncertainties. Rely on my dedication and enthusiasm to ensure your experience is seamless and rewarding.

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Full service

Our Search, Appraise, Negotiate option is our complete property buying service.



Buyer concierge

If you’ve already identified properties that you like then this service may suit you.


Bid at auction

We know the rules, we know the games and we know how to win.



Vendor advocacy

We help you find the best sales agent to sell your property.


Recent Purchases Near Annandale

Here are just a few of the properties that we recently found, researched, negotiated, and purchased for our clients wanting to buy near Annandale in Sydney’s Inner West.

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Client Testimonials
Jenny & Stuart
Jenny & Stuart
Morgan and Giselle
Emily and Josh

Recent Inner
West Testimonials

"We recently engaged Dan at Unicorn Buyers Agents to find, negotiate and ultimately purchase our first home. After our initial meeting, Dan understood the position we were in and what we were after. He was regularly in contact providing updates on properties he had viewed on our behalf and within a month we had purchased our first home. His knowledge of the industry is incredible as is his ability to negotiate. Without Dan we would have paid significantly more for our home. We will definitely be using Dan and Unicorn Buyers Agents if we are ever in the market again."
Mike Meletopoulo
Hurlstone Park Charming Federation Freestander
"Armed with Dan’s expertise in the field and market I had the confidence to pursue the property, someone to guide me through the legal maze and ensure that the property and conditions of sale were fair. But perhaps, most importantly, an assurance that the long term prospects and potential for improvement of the property would continue to increase in value. I’ll be seeing the New Year in from my top floor balcony, looking out across the city skyline and toasting to Dan who secured me my dream first home! I’ll be grateful for the next 30 years!!"
"We engaged Dan through a recommendation from a friend to bid at a critical auction for us as we were nearing the end of our pre-approval period and risking a significant reduction in borrowing capacity. In our particular case, we were lucky that the bidding was focused around our level of affordability but I am confident that Dan's approach kept the bids as low as possible while securing us our property. He was extremely thorough in his research to support the process - both in deciding to take on the job and to inform our expectations so we can set bidding limits that we were comfortable represented the true value of the property to us. We've been in our new family home for a week now and couldn't be happier to be here, for the price we paid. Thank you Dan for helping to make it happen!"

Annandale Property Market FAQs

What makes Annandale so special?

Welcome to the quaint and delightful neighborhood of Annandale! Picture yourself meandering down the charming Booth Street, a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Stop by Revolver for a caffeine boost or satisfy your taste buds with the farm-to-table delights at the beloved Cornersmith – these cafes are where good vibes and great flavors collide.


As you venture further, let Johnston Street lead you through a historic journey, with its architectural wonders whispering tales of days gone by. And when nature calls, embrace the peaceful ambiance of Whites Creek Valley Park, a serene oasis amidst the urban hustle and bustle.


Annandale isn’t just a suburb – it’s a community, a lifestyle, and a sanctuary of comfort and charm. The lush green parks, cozy cafes, and thriving local businesses paint a picture-perfect blend of urban sophistication and countryside allure. Stroll the leafy streets, immerse yourself in the local culture, and feel the warmth of Annandale’s spirit that lingers in the air, creating lasting memories for all who venture through its welcoming streets. Come on in and experience the magic of Annandale for yourself!

Why use a buyers agent if you’re considering buying in Annandale?

When embarking on the search for your dream home in Annandale, it becomes essential to engage the services of a local specialist buyer’s agent. Annandale’s real estate agents possess an in-depth understanding of the area, leveraging their connections within the community to unearth hidden treasures that may not surface on the standard market radar.


Annandale’s landscape is a mosaic of charm and complexity, influenced by its unique geographical attributes. Certain areas in Annandale may present challenges related to groundwater, flooding, or dampness, especially in regions where rainfall cascades downhill towards surrounding low-lying areas. An Annandale specialist buyer’s agent acts as your guiding star in navigating these nuances, directing you towards the most advantageous sections of the suburb and steering clear of potential obstacles that could lead to future headaches.


Selecting a local specialist buyer’s agent in Annandale isn’t just about finding an ideal property, but rather about securing a home that withstands the test of time and remains free from unforeseen issues. Place your confidence in their expertise to lead you towards a sound investment, offering tailored guidance and unparalleled insights that are specific to the allure of this dynamic and captivating suburb.

The Process To Buy Your Dream Annandale property

When it comes to buying property everyone’s needs are different. My proven process will ensure I find you a property on Sydney’s North Shore that you’ll love. You’ll be delighted with the result.

Discovery Session

We’ll meet to discuss your needs and how I will work to help you. We’ll create a detailed brief together outlining your must-have’s and nice to have and setting your budget.

The Search

You’ll get access to on, off, and pre-market property available to purchase that meets your brief. I’ll share videos and photos and walk you through any property you choose to shortlist.

The appraisal

I apply my stringent 22 point checklists to ensure your purchase is problem-free and co-ordinate contract and strata review, building and pest, and any other reports required.

The negotiation

I’m in your corner to secure your home, on your terms for the lowest possible price I’ll then co-ordinate your solicitor and broker to ensure the transaction is trouble-free, all the way to settlement.

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