’Tis the Season for… Off-Markets


It’s the 2nd week of November which means there’s really only four weeks left in the property selling season as many buyers and sellers check out for the Christmas season and prioritise socialising over property.


With such a short window left, and not as many active participants a common practise for sales agents is to put out a property as an off-market or a pre-market listing.


It’s a great way for agents to meet the buyers serious enough to be out house hunting through the silly season, get some price feedback, and potentially make a sale.


It’s a great time of year for buyers agents too. We can show clients more properties they wouldn’t normally see, whilst assessing the depth of the market going into the New Year.


It’s also a great time to do a deal. There’s something about the idea of wrapping up unfinished business and starting the New year with a clean slate that can motivate a seller to trade.


I’m expecting that to be the case even more so this year as the RBA has just announced its 14th rate rise fuelling a climate of uncertainty.


If you’re prepared to forego some of the holiday festivities, now’s a great time to be househunting.


Even better, you can hire us to do the searching for you. We’ll serve you up the best properties you wouldn’t normally see while you’re sipping on a holiday egg nog.


If you’re curious about what might be out there, or to see if we can connect you with a suitable off-market, please get in touch.


You can book a call with me here.


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