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Forecasting the Sydney Property Market: Will 2024 Be the Year for Apartments?

  This week saw the release of two well respected property research pieces – the 2024 Boom and Bust Report from SQM Research and the 2024 Knight Frank Horizon Report.   Louis Christopher, the managing director of SQM research has a base scenario for property prices in Sydney to move …

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Decoding the Great Wealth Transfer in the Sydney Property Market

Over the past few years I’ve observed that my clients are increasingly getting a much bigger leg up from the ‘bank of mum and dad’. Not just first home buyers but older families upsizing into bigger homes too.   Bob Guth from Bradfield Badger Fox has summarises the state of …

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Navigating the Sydney Property Market: Signs of Bottoming Out and What to Watch For

  Here’s a table I’ve put together which compares property values for houses and units between December 2021 and December 2022 for Sydney Local Government Areas. (Source: HTAG.com.au)   You can see that prices were still higher in Dec 2022 than they were a year ago across a number of …

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Best Sydney Suburbs for Families

Top Family-Friendly Suburbs in the Sydney Property Market for 2024

What are the best suburbs in Sydney for families? Australia is home to over 600 suburbs, each with its own unique settings, history and things to do. Some suburbs are ideal for older residents and others are geared towards college students.   However, there are plenty of places to take …

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Insider Strategies: Predicting the Future of the Sydney Property Market

Perhaps more time is spent in this country talking about, and speculating on what the future holds for the property market than on any other single topic.

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