PROPERTY INVESTORS: Get Tenants, Keep Tenants


Daniel Bligh is the founder of Elevate – a boutique property management firm looking after landlords in Sydney’s East and Inner West.


Daniel has a winning formula – it’s called great communication- with both landlords and tenants and he personally attends to every client with great care.


Daniel takes personal responsibility for every property on his books, from appraisals, inspections and property checkups, to negotiating and renegotiating new leases.


When COVID began back in March Daniel sprang into action, calling every landlord whose tenants were on, or near expired leases, informing them of the action that would inevitably need to be taken to keep tenants in place.


He also called tenants with the humanitarian approach, asking if they were ok, and letting them know he was there and open for discussion in those troubled times.


His strategy paid off. Tenants stayed, renewing leases and vacancy for Daniel’s landlord clients has been surprisingly very low.


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