2 Minutes With: Give Them “An Offer They Can’t Refuse”

How to submit “an offer they cant refuse”

Having the highest bid at the auction IS NOT the only way to buy property, even in our current market!

In this short video I share some of my best tips to help you submit a pre offer that will convince any vendor to sell you their property:

✅ Find out what properties you can and can’t submit an offer on so you don’t waste your time and precious emotional energy

✅ Understand why you should find out the sales history of the property especially if it’s been listed off market or passed in or withdrawn from sale previously

✅ Understand why comparable sales and comparable listings are a sales agents favorite topic and how to include them in your offer to get the selling agent working for you.

✅ Learn how to remove all obstacles so all the seller has to do is say OFFER ACCEPTED.

We love helping people buy property. Please get in touch if we can be of assistance!