Do You Need a Buyers Agent in Todays Market?

In a sellers market with FOMO running high it seems easier to understand the value proposition for a buyers agent.


But great buyer agent work is just as critical in a cooler market. Here’s a few reasons why.


Selling agents get much better at returning your calls in a tough market but they still have one thing top of mind- squeezing the highest possible price out of you. That’s their job. 


There’s no better protection against sales schmooze than a good buyers agent. We have the relationships with agents which helps us find opportunities in the form of off-market /silent listings by anxious and distressed owners. We also help bring things to market. Potential sellers are more likely to list when a buyers agent walks through the home during an appraisal. 


We assess up to the minute market value. Sydney property prices are volatile. Price action varies suburb to suburb, street to street. Last nights’ sale resets todays suburb benchmark. On a $2M home purchase overpaying by 3% is a $60,000 mistake and buying at a 5% discount to market is a $100,000 win.


 Finally, cooling markets are a minefield of second grade properties and unrealistic vendors. We shortlist, inspect and present only the best, most viable options saving you time money and stress. 


To find out more about how a good buyers agent can find you the best property at the best price, please get in touch.


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