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Mosman is a suburb on the Lower North Shore region of Sydney. A buyers agent in Mosman can help you navigate the fiercely competitive real estate market. The area is home to 28,000 residents in its 8.7 square kilometres and is named after Archibald Mosman, who moved to a 4-acre property using a land grant.


Archibald and his brother founded a whaling station in what is now Mosman’s Bay.

What's So Special About Mosman Real Estate? Suburb Profile & Property Market Trends

The 2088 is an area where the average residents are between 40 and 59 years old. Most people in the area are families, but there is a growing singles population who account for 48% of the locals.


Only 35% of the locals rent, so most residents own their own homes.


Housing and unit prices are very high, but over 70% of them will clear the market. By far, the fastest-selling segments are the two-bedroom units and the four-bedroom homes. As a larger and affluent suburb, people flock to the area due to its beautiful harbour views, good school system and relative safety.

What Shops, Supermarkets, Cafes and Restaurants are in Mosman, Sydney?

Mosman has many activities for locals, including the Sports Centre, Seniors Centre, Youth Centre and Art Gallery. On top of these great amenities, there are plenty of places to shop and eat, including:


  • Café Mosman
  • Public Dining Room
  • August the Old Place Mosman
  • A Taste of India

You’ll also find ample opportunities to shop in the area.

Where Are the Nearest Parks?

Buyers Agent in Mosman, NSW

Mosman is home to numerous parks that locals and guests enjoy. Among the most popular parks in the area are:


  • Middle Head: One of the most beautiful parks in Australia, Middle Head offers scenic views with a focus on Sydney Harbour. Guests can also take guided tours and dive into the area’s historical past by viewing old, military relics.
  • Clifton Gardens Reserve: The Gardens Reserve is a paid park, but you gain access to the beach, basketball courts and a variety of other amenities.
  • Mosman Park: Finally, Mosman Park is another great option to talk a quick walk or picnic in the lush, green grasses surrounding the area.
Lycée Condorcet Sydney - International French School

Local Schools, Kids Clubs and Education

osman residents want only the best for their children’s education. Students may be enrolled in an array of public or private schools in the area. Kids from Mosman can attend the following schools in the village:


  • Mosman Public School
  • Mosman Preparatory School
  • Queenwood School for Girls
  • Middle Harbour Public School
  • Mosman High School

Mosman High School is a special school in Australia because it’s one of the schools in the entire country that doesn’t require high school students to wear a uniform.

Distance To Nearest Suburbs

Mosman is close to many suburbs, including:


  • Cremorne is just 1.6km away
  • Kurraba Point is 3.6km from Mosman
  • Neutral Bay is just under 3km away
  • Northbridge is a little further at 6.2km away
  • Seaforth is just under 6.7km from Mosman

Residents often spend the weekends walking to shops or going to other surrounding suburbs where they can eat or enjoy other activities.

What Are The Prices Like For Real Estate In

The Mosman median house price statistics will quickly show you that the area is affluent and has extreme demand. Median prices at the time of writing this are:


  • 3-bedroom house for $3.1 million
  • 4-bedroom house for$4.75 million
  • 5-bedroom house for $6.1 million

Units are also for sale, and apartments are often the most economical way to buy in the area. You’ll spend $664,000 on a one-bedroom and $2.285 million on a three-bedroom.

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Reasons to Hire a Buyer's Agent in Mosman, NSW

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A buyers agent in Mosman is often the only way to compete with other buyers. The affluent suburb is notoriously difficult to purchase a home due to high demand and low inventory levels. Working with the right buyers agent will allow you to:


  • Bid realistic property prices based on demand
  • Negotiate the best prices
  • Find a home or unit that you can afford

Mosman village can be the next place you call “home” if you work with the right buyers agent who knows the area well and can even alert you to homes not made available to the public yet.

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