2 Minutes With: Yes, it is a great time to be house hunting (August 2021)


It’s true, and here’s why. If you’re house hunting in Sydney right now you’ll likely experience a level of service normally reserved for buyers agents; private inspections, and prompt communication from agents normally rushed off their feet.


You’re also contending with a smaller pool of serious buyers and sellers. That, coupled with a dash of buyer fatigue and the momentary breather the market is taking from recent rapid price rises is driving a trend of price guidance closer to what the properties will likely sell for.


A thoughtfully crafted pre-auction offer might be harder for a seller to turn down under current conditions. And if you have to attend auction, in Sydney they’re all currently conducted online, which many find less stressful. No need to hide at the back of the crowd with your dark glasses on!


Sales agents have been holding back listings for various reasons so there’s more pre and off market opportunities to uncover by calling around. Now more than ever the buyer who proactively goes out to find what they want will be rewarded. Waiting for your dream property to pop up on Domain is not a strategy. Calling and emailing, connecting with agents and locals, being top of mind, these activities work well- so when a little gem does come up, you hear about it first.


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