2 Minutes With: Limited Title On A Property – What Does It Mean For You?



Limited title means the land a house, terrace, or townhouse is on, hasn’t been formally surveyed, and therefore the land registry is unsure of the property boundaries and restrictions.


A limited title can create a number of different headaches for you. It’s not uncommon for a lender to refuse a loan because they want to have clear title to their mortgaged asset. Or the bank may provide a valuation lower than the purchase price, meaning you’d have to come up with the shortfall.


There may also be some other nasty surprises like finding neighbours encroaching on your land, or finding out about easements that would stop you from doing a major renovation. These are things you want to know about before you fall in love with a property and commit to a purchase.


The good news is limit on title is easy to check. Just pick up the contract on display when you inspect the property, and flip to the title search page.


That minute of effort can save yourself a lot of stress and give you the time to check in with your lender and get a survey done if necessary.


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