Why A New Build Inspection Report Is ESSENTIAL


For those of you who are looking to buy a house or apartment that’s recently built, or extensively renovated,


And it may seem inappropriate to get a building and pest report done for a new build, but it does make sense – and in fact there is a particular type of building inspection you want to get done and thats called A new construction inspection Or a new build defects inspection.


It’s different from your usual building and pest, because your licensed building inspector is specifically checking to see that the build matches the plans, and is up to Australian standards and building code.


Now apart from giving you peace of mind that the build is up to scratch if there is anything that isn’t up to standard, you have a report that puts you in a very good position to either- delay settlement on your property until the issues have been fixed, OR to force the builder to fix them, and claim against their warranty.


The $600 odd dollars you’ll spend on a defects inspection is well worth it. It’s very easy when everything looks shiny and new, to not pick up on problems that will cause you grief down the track. By having this report done you have an expert pair of eyes on your soon to be home and a report that can give you peace of mind, or more easily help you get anything that isn’t up to scratch- fixed.


Just a quick tip here today, I hope you find it useful! See you next week.


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