One Insider Tip to Review For Building and Pest (or Strata) Report

If you’re looking to buy property you probably already know how important it is to arrange a building and pest report, or a strata report if it’s an apartment.


Only problem is those reports can be a nightmare to understand- full of technical jargon and disclaimers, and with hundreds of pages of supporting documentation.


So here’s one simple game changing thing you can do that will help you understand the condition of the property more than anything else.


Pick up the phone and speak to the builder or strata inspector who wrote the report.


You bought the report- it’s your right to speak to the person who wrote it.


Plus you’ll find people are way more upfront when they’re having an off record conversation and don’t have to put things in writing.


And when you ask people simple questions they usually reply with simple answers. Questions like:


“How bad are those cracks in the walls?”


“Does that roof have a few years left in it or does it need replacing now?”


“Is the scheme raising the right levies and taking care of maintenance or will I probably have to pay a surprise special levy soon?”


Better to have a ten minute conversation, than spend five hours reading a report.


As always please get in touch if you have any questions.


You can book a call with me here: https://on.sprintful.com/15min-call-with-dan-sofo


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