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Are Foreign Investors Dominating the Sydney Investment Property Market?

The Foreign Investment Quarterly Report was released by Treasury last week, accompanied by a press release declaring an increase in buyers from throughout Asia and the United Kingdom, and a rise in the value of their purchases.   There is a common perception that foreigners are investing heavily in Aussie real estate which I wanted to investigate.   As per the recent report, buyers from China made up the greatest percentage of foreign property purchase applications- 67% in the June 2023 quarter. After China, buyers from Hong Kong, India and Taiwan also ranked, followed by the United Kingdom.   For …

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Should Investors Utilize Buyers Agents for Sydney Investment Properties?

As featured in Your Investment Property.   Dan Sofo weighs in on the topic;   “Many people use buyer’s agents when they’re buying a home to live in, but when it comes to their investment property, most choose to go it alone because there’s less emotion involved.   But in many ways, buyer’s agents are even more important when buying an investment property.   A well-connected buyer’s agent can provide off-market opportunities and give the buyer the extra advantage in their search for the right property.”   Unicorn Buyer’s Agents director Dan Sofo shared, adding that there really appears to …

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Maximizing Tax Return Claims for Sydney Investment Properties

  As we head toward 30th June now is a great time for those of you holding investment property to get your affairs in order, so you can claim as much as possible in your tax return.   Now when it comes to property there are so many expenses you can claim.   There’s a pretty detailed list you can find on the ATO website, but as a guide, tax expenses fall in to three categories   First off there’s depreciation – on all of the fixtures and fittings and hopefully you’ve got a depreciation schedule in place, and if …

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Get and Retain Tenants for Your Sydney Investment Property: Advice for Property Investors

  Daniel Bligh is the founder of Elevate – a boutique property management firm looking after landlords in Sydney’s East and Inner West.   Daniel has a winning formula – it’s called great communication- with both landlords and tenants and he personally attends to every client with great care.   Daniel takes personal responsibility for every property on his books, from appraisals, inspections and property checkups, to negotiating and renegotiating new leases.   When COVID began back in March Daniel sprang into action, calling every landlord whose tenants were on, or near expired leases, informing them of the action that …

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A Guide To Selecting and Inspecting Sydney Investment Properties for Investment Purposes

To make an informed investment choice there is a fair degree of research that should first be undertaken when selecting and inspecting investment properties.

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Top Considerations When Buying an Investment Property in Sydney

There’s are plenty of options for a property investor looking for their first or next purchase however not all properties are created equal.

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