Capital Growth Trumps All. Here’s Why.


Now while I can appreciate a beautiful home as much as anyone, what really excites me about property is its potential to grow in value, to make money.


That might be achieved with a renovation, or even better, without lifting a finger via capital growth.


Whether you’re buying to live or invest, capital growth should be a top priority. Here’s why


Let’s compare two properties purchased for a million dollars with one growing at 4% a year, and the other growing at 6% a year. Just an additional 2% growth adds up to an extra $310,000 in the property’s value over ten years.


Looking at the exact same example over twenty years you can see that 2% growth adds an extra million dollars to the properties’ value.


The best part of all of this is you only have to put in the hard yards to find property with the best chance of strong capital growth ONCE- at the beginning when you buy. If you get that right then your time in the market will do the rest.


I spend a fair chunk of time assessing the growth potential of suburbs and properties using my property buyer checklist and capital growth questionnaire. Id love to share them & you can download them for free here:


Property Buyer Checklisthttps://bit.ly/3emdKp2

Capital Growth Predictor Questionnairehttps://bit.ly/3SSyKCU


If you’d like to learn how I can find you a high growth property, please get in touch.


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