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Real estate in Maroubra has appreciated dramatically in recent years. For many years Maroubra was considered a working class suburb, but more recently Maroubra has acquired all the sparkle and glamour of its close neighbouring Coogee, with the property prices to match. It is a suburb with a diverse range of precincts, meaning there’s something for every lifestyle.

What's so special about Maroubra 2035?

The secret is well and truly out. Maroubra is a highly liveable suburb with more than just the beach as a drawcard. Admittedly the beach is beautiful- a long sandy stretch with serious surf spots to the North end and perfect for families to the centre and South. Or head up to the Mahon pool- a natural ocean pool carved into the rock- protected from the surf and perfect for lazy laps.
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The area contained by Maroubra and Malabar rd is populated with grand homes, many with spectacular ocean and district views. The balance of the suburb is being renovated and gentrified with construction seemingly on every street, yet it still retains its suburban charm and you’ll be hard pressed to walk down the street without stopping for a chat with a local or two.

Maroubra’s most special characteristic is the community spirit so alive here. Locals are fiercely proud of their suburb. Many have lived here all their lives, and you can find plenty of second third or fourth generation Maroubra locals. It’s that kind of place where people love to live and stay and grow roots. Folks watch out for each other and there is a wonderful sense of community. Buying into Maroubra isn’t about buying a house, it’s about a beach lifestyle and becoming part of the local fabric where you know everyone and they know you.


The Lycée Condorcet French School is a major drawcard attracting a large French community with its bi lingual curriculum and European holiday schedule. Equally prestigious is the Mt Sinai college across the rd.

Lycée Condorcet Sydney - International French School

Maroubra has no shortage of amazing parks- Latham Park and tennis courts, Snape and Nagle parks, Coral Sea park and the sprawling Heffron Park, currently undergoing a $60m facelift to its sports facilities and spectator areas including the Des Renford sports complex. Whilst shopping areas especially around the junction are modern, just down Anzac parade you can still find the traditional Greek cake shops and old school fish and chippers.

What are the prices like for real estate in Maroubra?

Buyers Agent in Maroubra

Until recently house hunters looked to buy in Maroubra were chasing the Eastern beaches lifestyle, without the price tag. That is no longer quite the case. For homes on larger blocks, or with views, Maroubra property growth has been phenomenal. However prices do vary greatly depending on the position and street within the suburb, and pockets of value can still be found in south Maroubra, or closer to the suburbs boundaries with those suburbs near Maroubra such as Malabar Matraville and Hillsdale.

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Reasons to Hire a Buyer's Agent in Maroubra

Maroubra is very much a local’s suburb with a home real estate market. Local sales agents (many of whom live in the suburb) have a very strong monopoly on how property is traded and for how much. In no small part because they have a vested interest in their area. You wont often find an ‘out of area’ agent in Maroubra. They also have rein on the flow of information around who and what is selling.

Working with a buyers agent who is active in the local area and is well connected to local selling agents and businesses is definitely required to give you an advantage. Another challenge in Maroubra is paying the right price. Because there is such a price difference between properties depending on type of home and what street or area its in, it’s important to have a local buyer’s agents set of eyes to ensure you dont pay too much.

No two homes are created equally and this is especially true in Maroubra.

Finally, as wonderful as Maroubra is, there are still some small pockets that are quite a way from gentrifying- places you definitely dont want to live in or near for a few more years. We’ll help you steer clear of those areas!


When you’re looking to buy into a tight knit community like Maroubra, an insider to guide you, to help you buy well is a must.

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