Buyer Fatigue (July 2021)

The property market in Sydney has been running hot, with some publications estimating an 18% rise in Sydney house prices in the past six months since January.


We can confirm we have been seeing and talking to a higher percentage of buyers who have missed out; they’ve missed out bidding at auction, or had their offers beaten by other buyers, and not just once, but several times.  There is a sense amongst buyers feeling a little beaten up and demoralised, and theres actually a term for this, which is buyer fatigue.


Buyer Fatigue is when all that effort the searching, researching, negotiating, coordinating, over and over again doesn’t lead to a result.


Having buyer fatigue is not an ideal position to be in. Just think about when you’re tired in other circumstances – your performance decreases substantially, judgement is impaired, it’s easy to make bad decisions.


The same happens when buying property. Lots of energy goes into the process drawn from a finite reserve and when you run low on that energy, poor and judgement and hasty decisions become inevitable, which translates to buying an inferior property, or paying too much.


If you’re a very seasoned property buyer you’ll be aware of buyer fatigue and know the various ways you can manage your energy during your search.


If you’re inexperienced, you run the risk of fatigue and making a decision you’ll regret.


A solution of course is to put Unicorn Buyers Agents to work. With various levels of service on offer, we can be a filter, a voice of reason and a support mechanism. Or we can take complete ownership of the process and present you with a range of properties to choose from, all researched, pre qualified, and within your budget.


În either case having us on your team means the hard work is done, so you’ll be refreshed and focused to make a great choice about what property is ideal for you.


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