Peyman Soltani

I’d like to thank Dan Sofo, the manager of unicorn buyer agent company, for finding me a good property on a land of 740 square metres with a frontage of 27 metres in the Kings Langley suburb with good advice and reasonable suggestions.


It’s important to note that the actual worth of such a property is at least $200K higher. I owe this profit to the unicorn team’s bargaining power and persuasion. Because the presence of such a skilled and experienced team in uncorn can persuade sellers and real estate brokers (I believe Dan mesmerised them🤩).


I recommend that you avoid emotional and irrational emotions when purchasing a property and instead follow Dan’s advice. I remind that you pay a very small fee for the profit you make from buying your property, and that the amount paid to Unicorn buyer agent is, in my opinion, an investment rather than a cost. This transaction has made me very happy.

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