Giving Back

How lucky are we, to be living our best lives and buying our dream home or investment property in one of the most magical locations on earth.

Not everyone is as lucky as we are and it’s important to share our success and wealth with those less fortunate.


Unicorn Buyer’s Agents has a giving back policy which means for every property I find for a client, or every auction I successfully win for a client I donate a part of my fee to my favourite cause School For Life Foundation


School For Life builds schools in rural Uganda where they are making a huge impact with community led projects in education, health, and employment solutions.
They provide health and nutrition services, promote and implement sustainable projects, and have established agricultural programs to promote sustainable economic development in communities. They are creating a model they can scale and replicate to change the lives of thousands of people.


Some of their current projects:






School of Life Uganda Healthcare


Vocational Training

School of Life Vocational Training


Environmental Sustainability

School of Life Uganda Environmental Sustainability


Economic Sustainability

School of Life Uganda Economic Sustainability

Every time you win, someone else in need wins too.

Track our donations below:


If you’d like to make more of an impact and get involved with our giving program for School For Life, please get in touch!



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